About the Bris

  •  What is a Bris?

“Bris Milah” refers to the covenant which G-d formed with Abraham, the first Jew, as the Torah states:

“This is My covenant that you shall observe between Me and you and your children after you, to circumcise your every male. You shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin, and it shall become the sign of a covenant between Me and you”

(Genesis 17:10-11).

So “BrisMilah” or “circumcision” is more than just a circular incision – it’s an eternal connection with our Creator.

  • Why choose a Mohel?

A Mohel is one who is trained in the medical and physiological aspects of circumcision. At the same time he is a righteous, G-d fearing, observant Jew in the tradition of the first Mohel, our patriarch Avraham.

When it comes to ritual circumcision, the most experienced, skillful and pain-free choice is to use a specially trained Mohel. It is the most natural method, and no clamping is used. Therefore it is a quick procedure with minimal pain.

  • What are the medical benefits of a Bris Milah?

  • It can reduce the risk of infection in the urinary tract.
  • Risk of transmitted diseases is highly reduced.
  • Penile cancer can be avoided by circumcision.
  • Risk of balanitis (tenderness of glands) and balanoposthitis (irritation of glands and foreskin) is reduced by circumcision.
  • Circumcision increases the degree of hygiene in the area.

“I would highly recommend Rabbi Yossi Shuchat as a Mohel. He has excellent bedside manner. A couple days before the Bris, he came to our home, to answer all our questions, put us at ease, and to check the baby. He was incredibly patient with my endless questions, and he made sure I was totally comfortable with everything. He performed the ceremony, and added so much joy and meaning to this special time. The actual procedure was so quick, and Baby Benjamin healed really fast. Rabbi Shuchat came two more times after the Bris to check on the baby, and to make sure everything healed nicely.”

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David and Sandra Weiss

Rabbi Yossi Shuchat performs Bris Milah / Ritual Circumcisions in Las Vegas, Henderson, Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Mexico and Hawaii.

הרב יוסי שוחאט – מוהל מומחה ומוסמך לברית מילה

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